Tilt Corazón Araiza (tiltcorazon) wrote in newniverse,
Tilt Corazón Araiza

King Lear and Pagan England

So, here's what's being thrashed out about the Wars of the Roses. In the Newniverse Wars of the Roses, there were three factions. The House of Lancaster, The House of York (a branch of the Plantagenet family that has wholly adopted Christianity) and a Pagan branch of the Plantagenet family, which stays back from the acton, theoretically opposed to the Tudors, but alienated from the Christian Plantagenets. A Yorkist line of succession is established in 1461, but the rebellion of 1470 goes a bit tricky. The Lancastrians get stuffed at Tewksbury, but Edward IV is deposed or killed or something and the Pagan Plantagenets get hold of power. This new line oversees an attempt to de-Christianize England, which is moderately successful for many years. Certainly those at court only dare refer to or swear by the accepted gods. Somewhere along the line, Lear ascends to the throne. Things unravel to the end of his reign (in the 1520s) and the anti-Pagan movement begins to gain ground. But even this movement is split as some believe that a reformed Church should be established in England to better repel all traces of Paganism in England, whereas others feel that England should return to the Mother Church when Paganism inevitably falls. After Lear's death, there's a religious and political vacuum, when the dust settles, England has a Tudor king, Henry VIII (starting his reign later than he did in our world) and the Protestant vs. Catholic fun really kicks off. We can either slip in an extra Henry into the Pagan Plantagenets to keep the numbering, or we can have Henry VIII taking a non-sequential number in a fit of Napoleon III style symoblism.

And now for someone cleverer than me to iron out the kinks.
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