Tilt Corazón Araiza (tiltcorazon) wrote in newniverse,
Tilt Corazón Araiza

Introducting "Four Square" Forbes

"There is no man more celebrated throughout the Empire than Orvald 'Four Square' Forbes"

Orvald Forbes: the very definition of a "good all rounder", hero of the Great War, hunter, prospector, spycatcher, hero of every schoolboy in Britain. There is no limit to the adventures that can be written about this man, because there was no limit to his lust for adventure.

Until around 1930, that is.

Orvald Forbes: bigot, Moselyite, quisling, enthusiastic supporter of National Socialism, Hilter's mouthpiece to the English-speaking world, always ready to tell you that the ideals he fought for in his youth are now best embodied in the Third Reich, especially in his weekly broadcasts on Reichsender Hamburg. And the clues were there in his early adventures.

Orvald Forbes: fugitive, mercenary, racketeer, running for his life from the Allies. Ended up blowing his brains out in Madrid in 1946.

Right then. Anyone want to have fun with this character?
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