The John Betjeman Appreciation Society (stealthmunchkin) wrote in newniverse,
The John Betjeman Appreciation Society

First post

This is a community for the creation of a shared universe in which everyone who wants to can write any stories they want (or any other kind of art).
Anyone who wants to can post any story set in or 'fact' about this universe on this community. The community moderators will decide if something is 'canon' or 'non-canon', but anyone can use elements of anything posted here in their own creative works in any way - so long as they allow the same freedom to others.
Use of characters that are trademarked or copyrighted by other people is *not allowed* and anything containing those characters will be removed, however analogues, parodies, and public domain characters are allowed. Sherlock Holmes lived in the Newniverse, but Superman didn't. However, if you want to write a story about Hyperman, the last survivor of the planet Hypron, who uses his hyper-powers to fight Rex Rufus and Mentallo, you're probably safe. We would, however, prefer something a bit more original than that.
Be warned, by posting here you are implicitly allowing anyone to do whatever they like with your concepts. They can't change anything at all about your delicate Regency comedy of manners, but they *can* write a slash-fic sequel in which your heroine has lesbian sex with a time-travelling werewolf. And if it's good enough, that will become canon too.
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